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Please contact him if you are interested in a piece of  art or other type of painting available in the store.. You can buy  art through the store above or contact him on the numbers on this page if you would rather chat over something more specific.

Rick will show any new paintings on the website as soon as they become available.

As well as being an artist. Rick also teaches student particularly GCSE, A-Level and Degree.    Rick will take you all the way through the learning process.

Rick art lessons teach you how to use focal points, how to use colour, how to mix colour, how use colour combinations, complementary colours, how to use the brush, types of brushes to use.

He will teach you how to paint any kind of scenery, from portraits and animals to landscapes and abstract painting.

Basically Rick will take you from start to finish on a comprehensive course in drawing and painting , using a choice of oils, acrylics, charcoal, pencil and pastel.

If you are interested in buying or commissioning a piece of work Call 44 (0)7837 991041 or 01895 448699. Alternatively, send an email to Rick is a Northwood based artist, covering the Northwood, Pinner areas. As well as being an art tutor, Rick also sell his paingings and prints. You can go to the gallery page and prints for sale page if you wish to make an order. If you are looking for art lessons, Rick specialises in teaching art to  GCSE, A-Level, Degree Level students.

Wildlife Art

How to Align Eyes

How to Align Eyes

wildlife art

The principle of aligning the eyes, a key feature in any animal, and one that can be applied not just to human portraits, but to all animals.

As you can see in the diagram, there are marking or measuring lines shown. For example the distance between the eyes can be measured to be an eye length.

The pupil lines extend to line up with the corners of the mouth.  The widths to the sides of the eyes…

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How to Paint Animals (Part 2)

How to Paint Animals (Part 2)

wildlife art

Lion’s Head

1. After all the dark tone is applied, lightly apply the different colours of the fir. Burr the edges of light and dark tone.

2. At the edges of a tonal area the fir effect is applied with a thin brush. This gives the overall effect of fir without trying to include every single hair. It’s not necessary.

3. Block in the light areas with yellow ochre, mixing the pigment with other…

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Art Events to watch out for

Art Events to watch out for

Coming events at the Royal Academy of Art.

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Just announced: contemporary works to join Rubens and His Legacy

As part of our landmark exhibition opening in January, celebrated artist and Royal Academician, Jenny Saville, will curate La Peregrina, a personal and contemporary response…

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How to paint Backgrounds

how to paint backgrounds

1. Firstly, we need to decide whether to have the background harmonizing with the subject or contrasting with it.

2. Put on the light tone first and then lightly add the darker tone on top leaving some ofthe light tone showing underneath.

3. Decide where the light is coming from. The light tone can go from the light side, behind the subject and onto the dark side of the subject, giving the…

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Order Christmas Wildlife Prints Online

Order Christmas Wildlife Prints Online

Originally posted on Wildlife Art:

The online store is now open for Christmas. Go to to order from the full gallery.

Here are some examples of the prints.

Red Deer master copy

wildlife art

Cheetah Family

wildlife art, how to draw animalsHendrix website master copy



Rick Hardcastle (Wildlife Artist)

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How to Paint Highlights

Here is a video of How to Paint Highlights, using acrylic paints. Although I’m showing you…

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